Moshi Town - View to Mt. Kilimanjaro (Kibo & Mawenzi)

                      Welcome to "Team Kilimanjaro"


“Team Kilimanjaro” is a group of companies, operating from Moshi-Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. We believe in a joint venture to guarantee our clients the highest tourism quality standards. Each member has committed to follow the guidelines of sustainable and responsible tourism.

Kilimanjaro Trekking

Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest Mountain in Africa and the tallest free-standing Mountain in the world. Trekking on Mount Kilimanjaro (5,9595m) or Mr. Meru ( 4,562m) are just two Highlights of Tanzania. The city of Moshi is the perfect base to start your Trekking adventures!  

Amazing Kilimanjaro Coffee Tours

Kilimanjaro is more... more than you have heard about. Why don't you stay a few days longer in the Kilimanjaro area and explore the amazing Coffee farms, short distance Trekking to breathtaking waterfalls, swim in natural Hot Springs or walk a days thru the Kilimanjaro Tropical Rain Forest. 

Tradition & Culture

The Kilimanjaro area is home of many African tribes. The most well-known ones are Maasai (Nomads who migrate many years ago from Egypt & Ethiopia) and the Chagga (the aborigines of Mt. Kilimanjaro). Our Team Members offer a wide variety of day trips with a maximum of cultural interacting.


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